While in the local…

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s astounding how sad people can seem to be when they travel…today was one of the days that the blaring reality hit me hard.

Today I made a mistake of getting into a slow train (desperate times call for desperate measures, I was already 1 hour late for office). The constant crowd shift is quite trippy if you ask me. Well, I was perfectly happy (and sleepy) listening to some hard hitting progressive trance when one of the station arrives…Since I was standing near the door, I moved a little side ways, it was then that a young lady bruised past me knocking off my glasses. Being disrupted form my lala land, I got a little startled. The lady looked me straight in the eye, and instead of apologizing, she gave me this look as if to say – “You moron, this is the local train, don’t you know your glasses is an obstruction to the moving crowd. Huh!”

It was then that decide to take a seat instead of hanging by the door like a ‘moron’. The moment I sat down I casually glanced around. The only thing that I noticed was the frown on every single person’s face! It was baffling! The lady on the window seat had an expression as if thinking to herself “Why god, Why? What did I do? Why did you let me marry a guy who has a hairy back? Why?” the other one had a more fierce expression as if plotting a scheme to harass the office peon “huh! What does he think of himself? Didn’t give me the office gossip. Let’s see today how he’ll feel when I drop a hair in the boss’s tea. Huh!”

I think it is in the train, when actually mumbaikars have a time to think and all the daily frustrations take a form of ugly lines in the forehead.

P.S- I think it was while travelling in the trains that Himesh Reshemmiya decided to venture into Films 😛

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