U2, you too?

Posted: June 25, 2010 in blah, random, Uncategorized
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Rob: yes?
me: i still havent found what i am looking for
Rob: what u lookin for ,girl?
me: a beautiful day
Rob: ohhh…
create it
me: where the streets have no name
Rob: name them
pyaar ki gaali
dildaar sadak
me: with or without you?
Rob: the road that has no name whose name is “the road that has no name, no shitting, thats the name of this road!”
me: with or without you?
Rob: with me and without me….or semi with me or semi without me or saying chuck it, am going alone
me: sometimes you cant make it alone
Rob: thats true….u cant sit in a rickshaw without a puller and say “chalo bhaiyaa” and expect it to move by itself
me: all i want is you
Rob: really….no food, no life, no trips for shopping, no movies, no pats on the back. no 10 million dollars, nothing?
me: all because of you
Rob: hain?
me: elevation
Rob: masturbation?
me: ■Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Rob: held, thrilled, kissed, bloody murdered.
me: god will send his angels

  1. sasha says:

    arrey meri bacchi aapka mansik santulan theek nahi..
    bahut sara pyaar,
    tumhari dadima

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