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So i have been fried out of my brain making a portfolio so that some company sees my talent and hires me. My friends appreciate my work, so does all the other ones whom i cant really call my friends. More than anything, I feel confident (and somewhat proud) about my so called “dummy advertisements” writings and artwork. I know they have, well, turned out quite decent. Burning the night oil hasn’t gone to waste. (psstt: have been sleeping around 5-5:30 in the morning since the last week)

Like usual. I slept at 5 in the morning, after completing the portfolio, making sure “all izz well”. Woke up 3 hours later, got ready…blah blah blah (skipping the unnecessary details) went for the interview. Like its been my entire life, just before some major event, my tummy decides to take revenge and declares war with me , today morning was no different. With that queasy feeling in my tummy, hibernated brain and formal attire i managed to reach the place. Mental attitude: I have to do it!

I saw my fellow classmates sitting there engaged in casual discussion whether an indian suit is considered formal or not, when i greeted them. Having already given the interview, they tell me its a piece of cake. Cool! I was quite hungry!

When the calling came, I was quite confident ( my rebellious tummy and hibernated mind agreed to co-operate, thank goodness, I was afraid I might let out a smelly one). Anyways, the HR lady looks at my CV which had my picture on it and says ” Oh! Nice picture!” to which i responded with a bright smile and thank you. She looked up then to confirm that that picture was really mine…and said : “You look nicer in the picture” WHAT! Great PR skills Ma’am! That was really professional!

She went on to ask me what branding means to me, how I feel about bands, what brands do I follow ( all the stuff that I am sure, you don’t want to know) I gave her honest answers, blah blah-ed (which I am quite an expert at) and it was time for the other candidates.

So I wait outside, thinking they would have got an idea about how my mind functions, and how I tend to look at things differently and not in the Phillip Kotler way. Creativity, as they put it in the Job Profile ,was an add-on advantage. I smiled.

I saw the HR lady’s face again, (with that trained warm smile) when she stepped out of the office to have a chat with me. “Shruti, I really like you view points and opinions on brands. I’ve hardly come across people who make the black and white so interesting” (ah! I smirked in my head) ” I also see that you follow a lot of brands and know what goes into positioning them the way they are” I agreed with a smile and a nod “you have a very impressive portfolio, those ads are really great” ( Voohoo!)….”but Shruti..” ( Oh god! Not the “BUT”) …”you are too creative for the job“…!

Moral of the story: in an Interview, Jargon, Quotations and Definitions matters, not your god damn skills that “make the black and white so interesting”